Do I Need a New Distribution Board?

Signs That You Need to Hire a Licensed Electrician

A distribution board, also known as a breaker panel or electrical panel, is a component of a home’s electrical system that contains fuses or breakers which protect each subsidiary circuit from overload and short-circuit. Look at it as a component that keeps all your appliances and electrical devices safe from electrical problems. However, as the electrical requirements of modern homes are constantly rising , electrical panels need to be updated in order to keep up. Here are several signs that you need to call an electrician to replace your distribution board.

  • Fuse-base system. If your panel still uses fuses, then you should have it replaced with a breaker panel. Breakers are more accurate, safer, and provide far better protection. Plus, they are reusable.
  • The panel is small. As wiring networks get updated, the panels become more and more crowded. This makes a panel unsafe and prone to fire. So, if your panel is too crowded, then consider installing a larger one.
  • Dangerous improvisations. If your electrical system has been previously serviced by an unlicensed electrician, then expect to have a big surprise when you open your electrical panel. Many handymen use all sorts of improvisations when making changes in electrical panels. These improvisations can lead to serious electrical problems.

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